Homeopathic Diaries – PTSD, Strokes, Asthma and A New Lease of Life


Homeopathy Diaries – A new Lease of Life

I feel privileged to work with my lovely clients and to see the difference that homeopathy is making to their lives.  

Below are some snippets from my week.

PTSD – Female, 60s
This lady came to me over a year ago and I have been working with her on a regular basis because she has seen how much homeopathy has helped her. There have been both physical and emotional things to work through. During her treatment it has been so rewarding to see her gain her confidence.

She is now ready to make some major changes to her life and is planning her next adventure. She is looking forward and feels excited about her future.

Stroke Survivor – Female – 50s
I have recently been working with a lady who had a stroke a few years back. We have already seen some  positive outcomes with some symptoms already clearing.  I will be continuing to work with her over the coming months so watch this space.

I am keen to write this case up as a blog on it’s own but I am hoping she will write a review shortly so I won’t go into too much detail at this moment in time.

Anxiety, Puberty and Asthma – Girl, 14.
A week doesn’t go by when I am not helping children with asthma and coughs. I have been helping this lovely young girl since springtime. Her Mum told me it is so nice to see her fit, well and happy.

I have now moved her to my maintenance programme and this time she didn’t’ even need a remedy from me.  Unlike conventional medicine, the remedies gently stimulate the body to work as it should.

General Health – Female, 70s
This lady came to me early summer for some health issues. She had a long history of taking anti-biotics for repeated infections following an operation.

Her physical symptoms have cleared and she is amazed at how homeopathy has helped her, particularly on an emotional level. It has been so refreshing to watch her transformation.   She told me she feels like a new woman and she wants to get a job. She is no longer happy to sit at home watching life pass her by and why should she?  She is now on my maintenance programme.

I swear 70 is the new 50.

These are just some snippets of some of my cases this week. Homeopathy can do so much more than just treat a symptom. It treats all of you, not only physically but emotionally. This in turn gives a boost to  confidence and can give a new zest for life.

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