Homeopathic Remedies for chicken pox

Homeopathic Remedies for Chicken Pox

Homeopathic Remedies for Chicken Pox

I’ve heard from some of the families that I’m working with that chicken pox is doing the rounds. Chicken pox is a natural childhood disease but it can make some children feel really miserable and irritable as well as being extremely uncomfortable for them.

I have listed below some homeopathic remedies for chicken pox that can help ease the symptoms of chicken pox and can also help prevent infection and scarring.

You will see that there are some subtle differences but if you have more than one child the chances are you will have noticed that they will each have experienced their symptoms very differently.

Rhus Tox – This is the most common remedy to use for chicken pox.  The skin feels extremely itchy with a burning sensation.  Your child will be extremely restless and irritable. Warm water might make them feel better.

Pulsatilla – your child will feel really miserable, will be crying and clingy particularly when they don’t feel well.  They usually feel better when they are cuddled and comforted.

Sulphur – again lots of itching but it’s generally worse when your child is in bed at night and feeling hot. They might not want a bath or to be in any water.  They will be very restless and fidgety in bed and may prever to have their feet sticking out of the covers.

Ant-T – Use this remedy if your child also has a rattly cough with the chicken pox.  They might also be more sweaty and drowsy than usual.  The spots will be very painful, itchy and pustular.

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