Homeopathy & Acupuncture for Fertility

In my Valentine’s Day blog of “It Takes Two” I talked about other complementary therapies that works well with homeopathy and Acupuncture is one of them.

Here Alison Arden, a licensed acupuncturist, talks about her practice and how she helps couples who are trying for a baby.

“In Chinese Medicine, the body, mind and spirit are very much interlinked and treated as one. Trying to conceive can be a very emotional time, especially with assisted fertility such as IVF. To have the mind, body and spirit calm and balanced gives couples the best chance of success.

Acupuncture helps by

  • Correcting irregular menstrual cycles
  • Balancing hormones
  • Reducing stress by releasing endorphins (body’s natural painkillers)
  • Increasing the endometrial lining (the uterus)
  • Improving sperm count
  • Boosting ovulation
  • Improving the pelvic blood flow
  • Balancing the immune system
  • Improving general health and energy levels
  • Inducing ovulation in women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

The optimum time to begin seeing an acupuncturist is three months before IVF or before starting to try for a baby. Ideally a treatment every other week is recommended – just before ovulation, to enhance ovulation and just before a period. If having IVF, an important time for a treatment is after egg collection and before the embryo(s) are placed in the uterus. The day after egg collection is ideal. The next important time is as soon as possible after the embryo is implanted.

Of course acupuncture is not a stand-alone therapy in improving successful conception – the nutrition and lifestyle of the couple is very important. Male fertility has been declining for the past 20 years. Smoking for example, affects sperm and there is research to support the fact that chemicals in plastics such as bottles of water can affect sperm also. Certain prescription drugs can affect sperm as can alcohol. These are just some of the things that can have an effect. Women who have spent years on the contraceptive pill can struggle to conceive and acupuncture can help rebalance the body after stopping the pill. It is worthwhile clients adjusting what they can (in terms of lifestyle and diet) three months before trying for a baby as it takes this length of time for new sperm to develop.

So how does a client know acupuncture is working? Common ways some women have shared are that they see a shift in their menstrual cycle, experience relief from occasional menstrual cramps or PMS, see an improvement in skin health, improved cervical mucus production and/or feel a shift in libido, energy levels and mood. Some women feel no different until they experience conception but in general, most men and women find the treatment relaxing and have a good sense of wellbeing after a few sessions”.

As you can see, there is a lot that can be done naturally with homeopathy and acupuncture hopefully without the need for heavyweight drugs.  If you would like to find out more about Alison her link is below and if you would like to contact me to see how homeopathy can help you with fertility issues please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consult.