Homeopathy for Depression – helping to lift the fog.


Recent research shows that 1 in 11 British adults are on anti-depressants. It is thought that anti-depressants are being prescribed routinely even for mild depression mainly because there is a lack of immediate help, such as counselling, or alternative and complementary therapies.

I recall a time when I experienced a bout of mild depression, but to me it didn’t feel mild and it didn’t matter what anyone said to help it was very difficult to snap out of. I couldn’t see beyond the next hour let alone the next day and I had always been a person with goals and plans – I knew where I was going.

So what was the trigger for my depression, I had just experienced a break up and one day when I woke up it just hit me, I felt like I had hit a brick wall, I could no longer see where my life was heading. I couldn’t stop crying even when I was doing and experiencing enjoyable things with friends, the darkness would fall on me.

One day my Dad called me and I was just crying on the end of the phone, he was not only worried but shocked because this was not the strong daughter he knew. I told him how I felt and I had made an appointment to go and see a Dr. By chance and luck, they couldn’t fit me in for well over a week. My Dad suggested I look into other ways of trying to cope and help. He knew that I was interested in homeopathy and knew that I used it in first aid situations and asked whether that could help me. I said I wasn’t sure but I would find out.

I did some research and decided to find a homeopath. It was the best thing I ever did. She was kind and patient and found a remedy to not only suit my symptoms but my personality, it was tailored to me as an individual. Funnily enough I felt immediately better and my mood lifted after the 1.5 hours appointment. Someone was actually taking the time to listen to me and hear what I had to say without judging me. Friends are good at this too, but they always add their own thoughts and take on the situation, this isn’t always helpful and sometimes I think it can be easier to talk to a stranger, especially one who just listens and doesn’t talk back at you.

I felt back to myself after just a couple of visits but I found homeopathy was helping me with other things so I continued to see my homeopath every few months for a little while longer. It helped with my asthma and I was able to reduce my inhaler usage from 3 times a day to every few days and now I very rarely use it.

If you are suffering from any of the feelings I described above and would like to talk about whether homeopathy can help you then please message or contact me for a free 15 minute call (this can be done via skype or phone line).