Homeopathy helped with RA, now in remission

This week I received a lovely testimonial from a young lady (shown below).

Feeling healthier

I worked with her and tailored her treatment and the homeopathic remedies she received.  I listened to how she felt, not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional level.  We call this constitutional treatment, regardless of what her official diagnosis is and this is the result and her testimonial:-

“I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis around 18 months ago. I opted to take the methotrexate route for treatment, which is a harsh, toxic drug, and often the first port of call for sufferers of R.A.

I came to Tracey to help me keep my body as balanced as possible in the face of this drug, manage the side effects and, if possible, speed up the process of going into remission (and therefore the possibility of coming off methotrexate).

In July 2019 the consultants officially classed me as ‘in remission’, a full year earlier than anticipated. On top of that the homeopathy has helped me keep side effects under control and even improved my health more generally. I’d always recommend homeopathy to anyone, and Tracey in particular is fantastic.”

This demonstrates how homeopathy helps on all levels.  I have worked with this young lady for just under a year and initially I saw her every 5 weeks for the first two treatments and I now see her every two months.

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