How homeopathy helped after an operation went wrong

“I feel so much lighter”

Mrs X , a lady in her 70s returned today for her third appointment. She looked amazing and in her words she said “I feel so much lighter and happier. I have more energy and enthusiasm. I am so pleased”.

Her presenting complaint was repeated bladder infections and some incontinence following damage during a routine operation 5 years ago. She has lived with these symptoms for the last 5 years until her daughter suggested she came to see me.

Other symptoms that she presented with were shaking hands, heartburn, restless legs at nighttime, a cough, hay fever and some arthritis in her hand. There was also some sadness and grief over losing her parents. She kept her feelings to herself and rarely expressed how she was feeling.

When I first analyzed this case, it was very important for me to consider all of her presenting symptoms.

She was taking medication for her indigestion, for restless legs, shaking hands, nasal spray for hay fever, each coming with their own side effects.     She’d also had repeated doses of anti-biotics for her urinary infections.

All of her symptoms have improved. She hasn’t had any bladder infections, she rarely gets indigestion and restless legs since her treatment began in April. I also observed that her hands are no longer shaking. Her incontinence has gone from an 8 on a scale of 1-10 to a 3. I am hoping that in time we will get this down to a 1 or even a zero.

Mrs X also told me that she is now able to let her emotions go rather than holding onto them. Her cough has disappeared and she has only had hay fever for one day.

She has responded beautifully to her treatment and I have now moved her to a maintenance program.  The remedies will continue to work, gently nudging her body to work as it was designed to without harsh medication.

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