How homeopathy helped with a severe case of endometriosis

How homeopathy helped a severe case of endometriosis

How homeopathy helped a severe case of endometriosis

*names and details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.
Bridget contacted me to help with her endometriosis after being recommended by a friend. She told me she had been diagnosed with endometriosis following a laparoscopy a year ago.    It had taken her 2 years of constant pain and visits to her GP to get that far.

She was given two options:-

  • Have the coil fitted, or
  • Take the pill

Both options involved hormones which she wasn’t keen on but she decided to take the pill.  She felt it would be easier to stop the pill when she was ready start a family.  She took it for 3 months but it made her feel depressed and she didn’t notice any improvements.

Bridget had severe pain almost 2 weeks in every 4 with total debilitation for 48 hours once her period started. During this time she was unable to do anything other than lie on the sofa.  This meant she missed work which caused her great stress.   She also had to rely on her husband to do everything for her during this time.

On a scale of 1-10 Bridget told me her pain was off the scale.  She was taking strong painkillers which helped a little.

Bridget’s symptoms were:-

  • PMT and dreading what was about to happen each month.
  • She felt emotional and on the verge of tears
  • Just before her period she would feel a sharp stabbing pain in her left butt radiating down her leg “it feels like a knife that keeps twisting and twisting”.
  • Walking and sitting was extremely uncomfortable due to the pain.
  • Constipation
  • Disturbed sleep throughout her period
  • Sharp pains in her uterus
  • Nausea

I gave Bridget a different remedies to help her throughout different stages of the month and also some remedies to help her with pain during her period.

When Bridget came for her follow up she still had pain but the pain was less severe.  She continued to see me and at each appointment she continued to improve.

  • the sharp stabbing pains weren’t as intense
  • she began to have more energy
  • she didn’t need to take time off work
  • severe cramps reduced
  • she felt happier and more in control

So how did I help Bridget?

Firstly, I really listened to how her symptoms impacted her life both physically and emotionally.  I’ve found that one of the problems women experience with endometriosis is they don’t feel heard. They have to constantly push to be seen and heard and in some cases to be taken seriously.  They want to be acknowledged. So many women are fobbed off or told to take the pill.   It took Bridget two years to get a diagnosis but it can take up to 7 years.

Each time I saw Bridget I prescribed different remedies as her symptoms began to change and improve.  I also cleared the effects of the hormonal pill which can act as an endocrine disrupter.  (some remedies used Sepia, Comb N, Thuja, Med, bowel remedies, pill detox and more) 

Bridget and her husband are now planning to start a family and I am looking forward to supporting her through this next phase.

Each endometriosis case I see is very different, the symptoms might appear to be similar but it impacts each woman very differently.

If you are living with endometriosis and would like some help managing your symptoms please feel free to contact me for a friendly chat.

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