How stress can affect our skin

Stress and Skin Flare Ups

Is stress causing your skin to flare up?

These past few weeks I have seen lots of people presenting with skin conditions, varying from children with eczema to adult acne.

My first question is always when did they notice their skin change. This may or may not be relevant but I would say in 80% of cases it is.

I usually find that skin conditions fall into the following categories:-

– Stress
– Digestion / diet
– Medication and previous illness

Stress can play a huge factor and we should never under estimate how it can impact our health on so many levels. Below is an example of how stress can affect our skin.   Permission was given but names and some of the details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

Every time Julie went to the gym for a spin class her skin would come out in red patches on her face, arms and legs. The patches were dry, itchy and very similar to eczema.

It started happening about 8 months ago. Julie told me her partner had been diagnosed with cancer and had undergone treatment and was now in remission. This had been going on for the last 2 years.

I asked how she had coped. She told me it had been a really difficult time but she felt she stayed strong and coped well.

How well we cope with stress depends on our level of health. In this case Julie managed to cope during the time her partner was going through treatment but months after he was given the all clear her skin symptoms appeared.

We don’t always make a link with our illnesses or symptoms because they aren’t always linear. Whenever we go through a stressful situation it may or may not have an impact on us. In Julie’s case whilst she felt she was being strong and coping her skin condition, which she’d never had before, suggests otherwise.

Julie came to homeopathy as a last resort following numerous anti-biotics and steroid creams prescribed by her GP. Her skin gradually improved and she was able to exercise without a reaction. The remedies not only helped her skin but they supported her on an emotional level too and she feels much happier.

Each case that I see if very different and I tailor treatment to each individual. During the first consultation I try to establish if any skin changes are due to hormones, diet, digestion or even past medication and only after careful analysis will I be able to select the right remedy for that particular case. Homeopathy works very gently with the body to restore good health.

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