“I feel like I have a part of my life back!”

I now have more energy.


Six months ago I invited people with ME/CFS to take part in a six month study of homeopathic treatment. It was my aim to help relieve some of the symptoms that the participants were experiencing to enable them to have more energy and below is a testimonial that I received today from one of the participants.

I started treatment with Tracey 6 months ago for my ME/CFS, I went from finding getting out of bed a struggle, constant fatigue, joint pain mostly in my hands and feet, brain fog/confusion amongst other symptoms. Now 6 months on I’m so much better hardly notice the joint pain at all and managing to do so much more without exhaustion or even general tiredness. I feel like I have a part of my life back! I’m extremely grateful to Tracey for all her help and will be continuing treatment with her. I have a few medical issues that were also taken into consideration and even treated during this 6 month period I felt Tracey went above and beyond what she needed to, to help me. Thank you”

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