“I feel like me again, I’m happier. I have more energy and enthusiasm for life” – stroke survivor.

I feel like me again, I’m happier.I have more energy and enthusiasm for life

“I have signs of sensation returning to my affected left side, which hasn’t had any feeling in it for the last 7 years. I’m beginning to feel more like “me” again”.

I have recently been working with a lady who initially asked if I could help her with some long-term physical problems such as recurrent UTI’s, constipation and low energy, following a cerebral haemorrhage that she experienced seven years ago.

I don’t think she was quite expecting how much homeopathy would be able to help her and she is certainly surprised at her progress.

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Don’t live with long-term health conditions. So many people just accept what they are told but it doesn’t have to be the case as this lady discovered.  Homeopathy can be used safely alongside conventional medicine.

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