“I no longer use a box of tissues every day”

I’m not getting through a box of tissues a day now

I’ve recently been helping a young lady with allergic rhinitis.  During her consultation she told me that every morning when she wakes her nose streams constantly and she gets through boxes of tissues.  She told me that she has had it for as long as she can remember.

She began her treatment with me in December and she recently returned for her follow up appointment.    She told me that approximately one week after taking her remedy her nose began to clear and it hasn’t felt stuffed up and she hasn’t needed to use that many tissues.

During the follow up I asked her how she was sleeping now.  I asked her this because she had told me that she had a small patch of eczema that itched during the night and disturbed her sleep. When I asked this question it took her by surprise  “Wow, I had completely forgotten about that and how it irritated me and kept me awake.  It is better and I hardly think about it or notice it and I am sleeping soo much better”.

Not surprisingly this lady also has hay fever.  She asked me whether I would be able to give her remedies to help when it starts.   I informed her that her current treatment plan is taking this into consideration and is working on all levels and hopefully when the hay fever season starts, which for her is usually in late spring, her symptoms will be greatly reduced.

I am still working with this lady as there are still some other things that I am helping her with.  She is fully committed to her treatment especially as she has already seen big improvements.

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