Imagine living with permanent headaches and migraines for almost all of your life?

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I’ve recently been working with a lady who came to me for severe migraines. I asked how long she had been experiencing her migraines and she told me “ever since I can remember probably since I was about 10 years old”.

This lady is now in her 40s. Numerous tests, scans have revealed nothing. She has had lots of medication throughout her life to help with her headaches and more recently having daily injections to relieve the head pain but here’s the thing she still has them. And is daily medication the answer especially when it doesn’t seem to be helping?

Out of pure desperation she contacted me. As well as her migraines she also had allergies, sinus problems and itchy skin.

This is what she told me at her first follow up appointment 5 weeks after her first consultation with me.

“My allergy and itching is much much better such a big improvement. My Migraine headaches are not so frequent but I still have a dull headache and when the migraines do occur they are still painful”.

The best part was she hadn’t had to take any medication or injections. The nausea that accompanied her migraines was also improving. Her sinus pain had also improved. There’s still more to do but I am confident she will continue to make good improvements.

During the homeopathic consultation I ask many questions and an interesting thing about this case is this lady had a big shock when she was 9 years old.   This had a huge impact on her and she still talks about this incident. I also believe it triggered her headaches – the timing fits and is too coincidental.

When I worked on her case for the first time I took this fact into consideration and included this shock. We should never ever underestimate how things that happen to us emotionally can have an impact on our health.

It makes no difference that this happened many many years ago because firstly she mentioned it does each time I talk to her. It is clear her headaches started around this time so it is very important for me to take this into consideration when I am looking for a remedy that will work best for her migraines.

What other system of medicine does this and addresses the whole person?

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