In a state of high anxiety

Don’t let your anxiety rule

I regularly write about anxiety as I really enjoy helping people to feel better about their anxieties, especially when their anxiety starts to rule their life. Having experienced anxieties myself I can really empathise with my patients and totally understand what they are going through.

To someone else our anxieties can seem really silly. One of my regular anxieties is when I am driving alone somewhere for the first time, especially if it’s down country lanes in the dark. I’m not particularly worried that an axe murderer will jump out on me but my biggest worry is getting lost and not knowing where I am, especially when roads are closed and there is no room to turn around. I will even go as far as testing a route in daylight first and some of my friends can’t understand this. In fact, neither can I but the feeling I experience is very real made worse by my lack of sense of direction and my useless Sat Nav that seems to think it is fun to send me down a dirt track or in the opposite direction.  Luckily I treat myself using my constitutional remedy.

Anxieties can hit us at any time, and something that might not have ever worried us before can suddenly become a real issue. Self doubt can start to appear along with sleep problems, such as insomnia and muscle tension. When we feel on edge and are in a state of anxiety our stomachs become unsettled and over time chronic indigestion sets in.

Children are also experiencing more anxieties than ever before. This can manifest as not wanting to go to school or going out in certain weathers, e.g. a deep rooted fear of thunderstorms. They might want to wear the same clothes or the same colours all the time and can become obsessively tidy with OCD tendencies.

No one knows what causes us to suddenly become anxious about something but it can be treated using homeopathy a safe, non-toxic and gentle form of medicine. If you would like to find out more how I can help please feel free to contact me.