International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week

On Thursday MP Vicky Foxcroft gave a heartfelt speech where she told her story about losing her 5 day old daughter when she was a teenager. It was one of the most heartfelt and saddest speeches I have ever listened to and my heart goes out to Vicky and all the families in the world who have lost babies.

Vicky was speaking during a debate in the House of Commons about stillbirth, miscarriage and other forms of baby loss. The reason? This week has been Baby Loss Awareness Week which will end today at 7pm. The charity are inviting you to light a candle at 7pm and to leave it burning for at least one hour to remember all the babies in the world that died too soon.

baby-loss-awareness-weekThe charity is working to improve bereavement care in hospitals in the community and they are also encouraging people to share their stories on their social media sites #babyloss #breakthesilence.

For some people though the memory of going through this is just too painful to bear, remember or even talk about and for them the subject is still taboo and the grief is too much to bear.

If you have experienced a loss of this type recently or even many years ago like Vicky but feel you can’t talk about it, especially on social media sites, please call me for a free no obligation 15 minute chat to see how homeopathy can help you with the feelings that you are experiencing.

I will be lighting a candle this evening at 7pm for all the babies in the world that died too soon.