“It’s her hormones”

“It’s her hormones”.

How many times I wonder have we heard someone say “it’s her hormones?”   Whether it is about a young women just entering into adulthood and going through puberty, an adult women in her fertile years or a woman entering the peri-menopausal phase.   People will often say “oh it’s her hormones”.

Women’s hormones are constantly fluctuating.   If a woman is in good health and everything is working as it should then they should be able to cope with these hormonal changes throughout the month and during various transitional stages of life.  Sometimes this isn’t always the case and people experiencing hormonal problems will usually seek help from their GP.

The GP will usually prescribe the contraceptive pill to help with heavy and painful periods, moods swings, depression etc, but what this actually does is to interfere with the endocrine system.  Our endocrine system has control over the whole body and over time symptoms will usually return. HRT will almost routinely be offered to women approaching or going through the menopause.

Both the pill and HRT are synthetic hormones and interfere with our bodies on many levels, particularly the endocrine system and over time more problems can appear, such as stress, anxiety , sleep problems, fibroids, ovarian cysts, severe PMS, etc.

I work with women and help them through all stages of their life.   Using homeopathy I can help to rebalance hormones.  This helps women feel healthy and well again.  By rebalancing hormones it is possible to regulate the monthly cycle and this can assist especially if you have been experiencing problems trying to conceive.

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