Let’s Talk about our Feelings & Mental Health

Let’s talk about our feelings

I am so pleased that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry have launched a new campaign “Heads Together” to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues and have been raising awareness of the issues that people face.   I think it always helps causes like this when role models get involved.

They are pulling together in a bid to encourage people, especially young teens to open up and talk about their feelings. It is far better to talk about things than bottle them up but when this isn’t encouraged this is exactly what happens.

Prince Harry revealed that after the death of his mother he couldn’t bear to think about her because he would become upset and it wouldn’t bring her back so he buried his head in the sand and hid his feelings. In time, this manifested as anger and he said boxing helped him. Fortunately he was encouraged to seek counseling and in an interview with a journalist he said it really helped him and made a difference.

As a homeopath I see many people with anxiety, depression, PTSD and buried grief and this is why I am so happy to read about the launch of this new campaign. I believe it is essential to talk and be open about our feelings and that is sometimes easier to do with a stranger someone who is neutral.

For some the feelings that we may experience might be the first time we have ever felt such powerful feelings and it can sometimes be too much to deal with. By talking to someone we can be reassured that the feelings we are experiencing or going through are perfectly natural, especially where the grieving process is concerned. We should also recognise that it really is important to go through the various stages of grief so we are able to come out the other side.

Apart from grief, there are many other triggers for mental health issues such as PTSD and again it is essential that there is help available and someone to talk to.   Again, I see people with this condition who have suffered in silence because they were afraid to speak out about what has happened to them in their past. Lady GaGa gave an example of this when she revealed earlier this week that she was raped at the age of 19.   Feelings are buried and again by not feeling able to talk about things freely it can in some cases take over people’s lives and have a detrimental effect.

As a homeopath I am only too familiar with the many health issues that both adults and young people have to deal with today and what happens if we suppress and hide behind our feelings.   Something gives and that can manifest itself through eating disorders, self harm, depression, anxieties or panic attacks etc.

People who have seen me for emotional issues such as this usually say that after just one consultation they felt so much better and then combine that with the homeopathic remedy that I carefully select it really allows people to move forward in a gentle and healthy way.

If you would like to see how I am able to help using homeopathy which is a safe, gentle and non toxic form of medicine please contact me for a free 15 minute no obligation chat to see if we could work together.   Both the remedy and consultation are an extremely powerful combination. Please read my testimonials to see what some people have said about my treatments.