Living with Crohns Disease and how Homeopathy can help

I have recently been working with a male who has been living with Crohns Disease for many years.  He was not in a good place when I first saw him a few months ago but in just a very short time he has seen improvements on many levels and continues to make progress.  

Crohns disease and homeopathy

How Homeopathy can help with Crohns Disease

The main symptoms of Crohns are:-

  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach aches and cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss

Symptoms can either be constant or they can reoccur at regular intervals which are known as flare ups.   Flare ups can occur frequently which makes living with Crohns not only uncomfortable but very difficult.

The recognised treatment for Crohns is painkillers, steroids, liquid diets, immunosuppressants and or biological medicines all of which cause many side effects such as indigestion, sleep problems, increased risk of infections etc etc.  They usually have to be taken for a long time.   In some severe cases surgery might even be recommended.

People turn to homeopathy because it is gentle, non-toxic and it can really help people with digestive issues such as crohns, colitis, IBS etc. Over time pain and flare ups can be reduced and the person can begin to feel more comfortable without lots of medication and without the side effects.

I have recently been working with this gentleman for approximately 3 months and have altered his remedies as improvements have been made.  I also made up a homeobotanical blend which helped with absorption of food.

We have now reached a stage of his treatment where the time in-between his appointments can be further apart.  This is because each time I have seen him his symptoms have improved, apart from one little set back when he caught a tummy bug.  So far the gains we have seen are:-

  • Improved sleep – sleep is important because it is when the body heals and regenerates
  • Diarrhoea symptoms and frequency reduced
  • More energy

I am still working with him as there are still improvements to be made.  The beauty of homeopathy is not only is it gentle on the system but it helps to heal the body on many levels and it isn’t necessary to keep taking pills every day for ever more.

When I am working with cases like this I usually send some additional remedies to have on hand should any flare ups occur or in this case when a tummy bug occurred.   I am also available to contact in between appointments.  I like to make sure that the people I work with feel supported by me throughout their treatment.

His wife recently wrote a lovely Google review and for me the most rewarding part of doing what I do is that I am making a difference to people’s lives. People who have been living with chronic pain and discomfort. This is what she wrote

“We have worked with Tracey over the last few months.  My husband has Crohns disease and after having covid last year was struggling to regain a good health momentum.  Tracey is extremely, competent and friendly, putting my husband at ease.  His health is restoring and we are still working with Tracey but we are glad we have found a genuine and competent homeopath.  We also live away from Tracey so have Face Time consultations which work well.  Thank you Tracey”.

I work with people all over the UK and overseas, appointments are via video and after I work on your case and post out your remedies especially chosen for you.

If you have a health problem and would like to find out how I can help you with homeopathy or you don’t feel you are getting the support you need book a free 20 minute call with me.  These calls are so you can ask me questions and about your particular case and it also gives you the opportunity to know what it would be like to work with me.

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