Migraines – Can I treat them myself?

Migraines – can I treat them myself?

I suffer from migraines so I know first hand how very painful and debilitating they can be. I used to get them monthly until my homeopath sorted them out for me (yes even homeopaths see other homeopaths for treatment).

Each person experiences migraine symptoms very differently to the next person so if you are self treating it is important to try to match your symptoms as near as possible to the remedy.

Selecting a remedy when you have a migraine can be quite difficult. During the holiday period I experienced an excruciating migraine and had to lie in a darkened room for a day. As a homeopath I have many homeopathic remedies to hand but I was unable to think clearly and be objective.

The remedy however that usually helps me during an acute phase of a migraine is Belladonna. For you and your symptoms the remedy may well be very different but I have listed below some remedies that may help you with a migraine.

Belladonna – Pain is usually right sided. The pain is described as throbbing and pulsating.   Worse for sun, motion and heat. Better when lying in a darkened room and for pressure on painful part.

Glonoinum – Feels like the head will burst with intense pounding. Worse for sun, heat, motion and alcohol. Better when lying in a dark room and for cold applications.

Nat Mur – Feels like lots of “tiny hammers” where the pain is. Pain is usually right sided but can alternate. There can be some visual disturbances and vomiting. Worse in the mornings, sun and eye strain. Better for cold applications and lying in a dark room.

Sanguinara – Pain is usually right sided and starts in the shoulders or neck. There is a burning and throbbing sensation. Menopausal. Worse after missing meals, mornings and as the day progresses. Feels better after sleep and vomiting.

Sepia – Pain is usually left sided headache located above left eye and forehead. Nausea. Motion sickness. Sensitive to light, particularly artificial light. Worse before or during period; pregnancy; menopause. Feels better for pressure, fresh air, after eating, sleeping and lying in the dark.

Homeopathic Treatment for Migraines
As you can see there are many remedies that can help ease a migraine but the best way to treat them is to get to the root cause.  For example, are they hormonal (menopause, pregnancy, ovulation) are they caused by stress or diet, how often do they occur?

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