Miscarriage & Losing a Baby – the hardest grief of all

Miscarriage and losing a baby

Miscarriage & losing a baby

I help many people with grief of all sorts and if you’ve followed my blogs you will know I, like many of us, am no stranger to grief from both a personal perspective and of course in my professional capacity as a homeopath.

There are so many types of grief that we might experience during our lives but I believe having a miscarriage and/or losing a child is one of the hardest types of grief there is to deal with.

Over the years I’ve helped many women who have had miscarriages, some have gone full term, others miscarried in the first few weeks or months of their pregnancy, some had ectopic pregnancies and hadn’t realised they were pregnant.   Whatever stage of the pregnancy they were in, as well as being an incredibly sad time it will also have come as a huge shock to them.  And nothing will have prepared them for the roller coaster of emotions they will be feeling.

Some of the comments I might hear during consultation are:-

  • “other than my husband, no one knew I was pregnant so no one knows why I’m feeling sad and moody”
  • “we’ve been trying to get pregnant for such a long time and I can’t help feeling that this was our last chance”
  • “when I gave birth I thought our little family would be complete”
  • “I’m devastated, we wanted this so much”
  • “this is my third miscarriage and I’m not sure I can face this again”
  • “it was horrible they just took my baby away”
  • “my hormones are still all over the place”
  • “I feel so guilty for losing our baby”

The sadness that parents feel when they lose a baby is overwhelming as the comments above suggest. Some feel they will never get over it and a deep depression and anxieties about future pregnancies may also set in.

So how can I help you if you’ve been feeling like this?
During a consultation I spend up to 90 minutes with you allowing you lots of time and space to go through many things. For some this is the first opportunity to really talk about things in such detail. We go through pre-conception, the pregnancy, medication etc and most importantly how you are feeling and how it is affecting your life and even your relationships with those closest to you.

If you have been affected by any of the above and would like some gentle help then please feel free to reach out to me. I can explain how the process works and how I can help you with homeopathy.

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