“Mum, I can’t breathe” – how homeopathy can help asthma

Homeopathy and Asthma

These are words a Mum never wants to hear.   When a child has asthma this can happen and action has to be quick. They need to take their inhaler and if the attack is severe they will have to go to A&E asap.

I am seeing more children (and adults) in my practice with asthma. Parents are realising that whilst the inhalers help their children they aren’t actually getting better and in some cases they are having to take stronger medication.

So how can I help with homeopathy?   All asthmas are different and will affect children in different ways. What might cause asthma in one person doesn’t in another. Below are just a few cases that demonstrate how homeopathy is tailored to each person.

Boy aged 11
This young boy used to be hospitalised each winter until he had homeopathy. His asthma was made worse by change in temperature particularly cold air.   I am still working with his Mum to strengthen his system further and which hopefully will reduce his asthma symptoms even more. You can read a testimonial from his Mum here:

Girl aged 14
This young girl has really been suffering with symptoms this summer. Her asthma is worse at night.   Her hay fever symptoms have also been particularly bad this year. The triggers for her asthma seem to be pollen and stress from tests that she is currently taking at school.  She is incredibly hard on herself and wants to do well. My approach to helping her is to help both her stress and also her pollen allergies.   By addressing the root cause her asthma will over time improve.

Girl aged 15
This young girl complained of getting wheezy on exertion even after a short walk. She also had some skin problems and occasional tummy aches. After a few treatments she was able to reduce the amount of times she used her inhaler and was able to resume her exercise. Her skin and tummy aches also improved. Now I only see her a few times a year for maintenance.  Her family have been so impressed with homeopathy that I am now treating 3 generations for various ailments.

Male in his twenties.
This person came to me as his asthma appeared suddenly. It was stopping him from taking part in sport which he loved.   It became clear that his asthma started as a result to exposure to an allergen. You can read more about his case here and how he improved.

So as you can see from above, each person’s asthma will be affected by different causes, they could be allergens, emotions, exercise, change of weather and this is why homeopathy is so effective.   Homeopathy treats the person and not the symptoms.   It is tailored to each person because we are all individuals and are not the same so why should we all have the same medication?

If you are worried about asthma in your family and would like to discuss this with me please feel free to contact me.  I offer a free call so you can ask me questions and I can let you know in more detail how the process works.  

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