My Anxiety and IBS symptoms reduced with homeopathy

These last few months I’ve been helping both adults and children with their anxieties.

My IBS and Anxiety symptoms reduced with Homeopathy

In particular, I’ve worked with a young lady who came to me for help with her anxiety and IBS symptoms. She has been amazed at how the remedy has helped her.

During her follow up consultation she told me that she felt more confident and had been able to deal with situations that ordinarily she would have avoided.   She had not experienced any social anxiety which had been a problem for her in the past causing her to cancel long standing engagements.

Her IBS symptoms have reduced significantly and she told me that if she did get any cramping it only lasted for a very short period (15 minutes).  I will continue to work with her to reduce this further.  

Her sleep has improved and she is now sleeping through the night without waking up and she feels so much more relaxed.   As a result she has more energy and hasn’t felt tired during the day.

There have been many other improvements such as her clicking jaw and she has not experienced any hay fever symptoms.

I am continuing to work with this young lady as there are still more improvements to be made but she will be in a very good place when she starts a new job in October which she is really looking forward to.  

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