My Story & how homeopathy worked for me

All horse riders / sports people should never be without Arnica.

Today, for a change I thought I would share my story and how I came to discover homeopathy and how it transformed my health and life.

Like most people, I discovered homeopathy through Arnica. Arnica is a remedy I believe every household should never be without. Most people know it as a remedy for bruising but it is also the No1 Remedy for shock.   I was so impressed at how Arnica helped me to recover from a fall from my horse that I started to explore other homeopathic remedies.

In those days Boots used to stock quite a few homeopathic remedies together with a handy little booklet so every little ailment I had I would take myself off to Boots to look up the particular type of headache or cough that I had and the booklet would help me to select a remedy. I was so pleased that I had found something natural without having to take conventional medicine.

It’s funny because even as a child I was not keen on taking conventional medicine.   Every cold I caught would go to my chest and I would always have to have two weeks off school. Each time, my Mum would duly take me to the Dr’s who would prescribe anti-biotics until one day he decided I needed an inhaler. At which point I just said “I’m not having one of those”. My Mum was mortified and told me that if the Dr said I needed one then I would have to have it. Luckily the Dr asked me why I didn’t want one.

To this day I can recall saying it was because when I was really old and gasping for air it wouldn’t work for me because my body would be so used to it. I have absolutely no idea where that thought came from especially as I was only about 10 years old.   I got away without having one but he did prescribe me Ventolin tablets.   They didn’t work instantly as an inhaler did but I was happy that I had got away with not having to have one – little did I know that the tablets still had the same ingredients in.

I continued to suffer and I gradually grew out of the colds going to my chest.   Although many years later in my twenties I think I ended up having an inhaler because the Dr said I needed something that was instant and called it asthma.

In my thirties, I suffered a bout of depression and was absolutely determined I was not going to take anti-depressants so I sought help from a professional homeopath.  She really helped me after just a couple of visits.   She also encouraged me to train as a homeopath because I was so interested in it and how it worked.  I found a suitable course and I embarked on the four-year part time course and am pleased to say I have never looked back.

As part of the training to become a homeopath it is recommended that students undergo homeopathic treatment so I continued to see my homeopath for a few years. She treated me constitutionally which is how I treat my patients today.  Unfortunately for me, she went back to New Zealand.

As a result of receiving homeopathy I am healthier and am able to kick off infections and colds more easily. I used to get regular ear infections and haven’t had any for over 15 years. As for that inhaler, I very rarely use it and at the time of going to my homeopath I used it 3-4 times a day. I have also not had an anti-biotic for over 15 years.

Homeopathy really does help your body to get back into balance. It gives it a gentle kick-start and gives your body a helping hand where needed and with regular treatment there are many long-term benefits.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing my story and if you would like to see how I maybe able to help you using homeopathy please feel free to contact me.