Over The Moon & Feeling Good

Over The Moon

This is how I felt when I received the following testimonial.

I believe that we all like to receive feedback, good or bad to just know how we are doing. Ultimately, I think all we ever want to do is our best and to do a good job. I know I certainly do and that is what I strive for when I treat people.

So here is the testimonial I received this week that has made me very happy indeed and thank you to Linda who took the time to send me her feedback.

If there is anything that you might have lived with for a long time and it is niggling away and you would like to see if I can help please contact me for a free 15 minute call.

“I’d been suffering with recurring cold-type symptoms for a long time; a stuffy nose and irritating phlegmy cough that often woke me in the night. For the last couple of years I’d labelled it as ‘hay fever’ as the symptoms were worse in the Summer but it dawned on me last Winter that the underlying symptoms were pretty much there all the time.  At the start of this year I therefore went for a first visit to my GP. I was given a nasal spray to use and pretty much told that if it were allergy related, as I suspected, it could take a long time to track down the cause so I left with little expectation of seeing much improvement.

About a month later I met Tracey on a riding holiday and, as a result of initial conversations and seeing success stories on her Facebook page, decided to give homeopathy a try.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Tracey put me completely at ease and explained the process she’d go through before the consultation. Although I participated openly and honestly I will admit to being quite cynical and that wasn’t helped when the ‘treatment’ that arrived turned out to be 3 tiny white pills. I took them as directed and at the same time stopped the daily anti-histamine I’d been taking. Within a week I started to notice an improvement, with the symptoms persisting but greatly reduced. Tracey however wasn’t happy with the result and prescribed a further treatment. Two months later and I’ve not taken an anti-histamine since and the symptoms no longer intrude on my life.  I still occasionally get ‘stuffy’ or a slight tickly cough but that’s now infrequent, and I assume a reaction to a peak in whatever allergen triggered it in the first place.

I therefore have no hesitation in urging you to give homeopathy a try.  I’d also recommend Tracey highly as her empathic and professional approach put me completely at ease when discussing personal details.  The results then speak for themselves!”