Puberty and Pre-menstrual Acne

Puberty and pre-menstrual acne and how homeopathy helped.

Mandybrought her 14 year old daughter Poppy to see me for her acne. (NB: names and some details have been changed for confidentiality reasons).

Poppy had become very self-conscious of her skin. She had stopped socializing with her friends and was now trying to avoid school.   Her GP wanted to prescribe the pill but Mandy did not want Poppy to take this and this was causing lots of arguments.

Poppy used to be outgoing, sporty and popular but in the last few months had become withdrawn, moody and stayed in her bedroom for most of the time.

She told me that she didn’t want to go out with her friends anymore because no amount of make-up would hide her skin and she didn’t like wearing make-up. She held her face down and spoke with her hand covering her chin area.

Poppy’s acne was red, with some raised puss filled spots.   They were mainly on her chin, nose and forehead. She also had a few on the tops of her shoulders.

I asked her if she ever noticed any changes in her spots, for example when were the spots worse and had she noticed a pattern. She said they were always there and never went away.

I asked her about her periods and if she had noticed if they got worse just before or during her period. She thought about this and said “yes even more spots pop up out of nowhere” and began to cry. This was causing her so much distress and upset.

Poppy started her periods when she was 13.  When young girls start their periods it takes time for them to adapt to the hormones that will be surging through their body for the first time.

Oestrogen is the first hormone to put in an appearance when periods begin.  Ovulation however can take take a bit longer and until that happens the body will not be producing progesterone.  Progesterone usually helps to balances the estrogen.

These hormonal changes which will be happening for the first time can be also have an overwhelming affect on young girls on an emotional level too.

I prescribed Poppy with a remedy that matched all of her symptoms. I asked her to keep a note of how her skin was and how she felt over the next 5 weeks. She agreed to do this for me.

When Poppy returned for her next appointment. She appeared much happier and more confident and spoke to me without holding her hand over her mouth.   Her acne had not totally disappeared but it was less red and angry.

She was more engaging with me and told me that she had started to go out with her friends again and she definitely noticed that the acne was less at different times during the month. This was exactly what I expected her to tell me.

I saw Poppy for a total of three appointments over six months. She now only has the odd occasional spot just before her period.   Wendy told me that life at home has now returned to how it used to be and she is very grateful that they took a natural approach rather than going down the pill route.

The synthetic hormones in the pill have been proven to help acne but bear in mind that it acts as a suppressant on many levels especially when the body is still developing. When the pill is stopped the acne returns and in my experience it is usually much worse due to the body producing more sebum that the pill suppressed.

Adults also come to see me with acne and usually when I take their history I discover that they have taken the pill in the past. Some were even prescribed it to help their acne when they were younger.   They tell me “I’ve not had spots since I was a teenager”. This is exactly why the spots have re-appeared, the pill suppressed the symptoms and didn’t get to the root cause.

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