Recovering from Whooping Cough & Asthma

“Just to let you know she is doing brilliantly, she is off all inhalers now and is feeling really well”.

Running again with no wheezing.

This is the story of a teenage girl whose Mum brought her to see me in Autumn 2017 because she wasn’t improving with conventional medication.

When I see someone for the first time I take a detailed history.  This girl had had croup when she had first been born.  She had a bout of whooping cough in 2016 and was prescribed anti-biotics but she still wasn’t well.

As time went on she didn’t improve and her breathing got worse.  She would wheeze on the least exertion.  This was a problem as she was a very active teenager.

She was then prescribed inhalers and was asked by her GP to keep a peak flow diary.

Her cough persisted and this also disturbed her sleep. It was also worse in the mornings when she felt extremely tired and low.   She developed allergies and experienced headaches and tummy aches.

Her Mum brought her to see me because the medication wasn’t helping and she wanted to try a different and more natural approach.

She responded extremely well to the remedies, all her ailments improved and now doesn’t even need her inhalers.

I regularly see clients who have young children with coughs and infections.  When the coughs don’t go after several courses of anti-biotics, they become wheezy and inhalers are then usually prescribed.   I believe this weakens the immune system further and is just a sticking plaster. it doesn’t actually treat the problem or the person.

This is why homeopathy is so different it treats each person as an individual and gets to the root cause of the problem.   The remedies act as a stimulus and encourage the body to start healing itself naturally. Over time, the body gradually becomes stronger and is then able to fight off any future infections that it comes into contact with naturally.

This young girl only needed to see me for 4 appointments and is now on a maintenance programme if she needs to see me.    Her Mum is so pleased with the results and recommends me to her friends and family.

If your child has had repeated coughs for a long time and they aren’t responding to anti-biotics now might be the time to try homeopathy before inhalers are prescribed.  

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