Remedies for food poisoning with diarrhoea and vomiting

I recently experienced a bout of food poisoning and must have been the only person in the heat wave shivering under a duvet.

Remedies for food poisoning with diarrhoea and vomiting

Remedies for food poisoning with diarrhoea and vomiting

I have shared below some of the main remedies that can be used in cases like this.

As always with homeopathy there are many remedies that may work but the key is to match your symptoms as closely as possible to the remedy.  However, you won’t go far wrong with the following remedies.

Aloe – the first signs something is wrong is you will more than likely wake early with a gurgling tummy.  You will then need to suddenly rush to the toilet and there will be much spluttering with a watery stool.  There will be the urge to keep going to back the toilet to continue to empty your bowels.

Arsenicum Alb. – this remedy is the number 1 remedy to think of for food poisoning, especially if you are also being sick at the same time.  Your tummy may be cramping. You will also feel very weak and cold even if the temperature outside is very hot.  You might be thirsty for small sips of water but won’t be able to keep it down.

Nux Vom – use this remedy if you have over indulged especially with alcohol and you are feeling nauseas.  You may also have signs of some diarrhoea but will still feel congested and like you haven’t emptied your bowels fully.

Podophyllum – this is another remedy to use especially if your symptoms start early morning. The diarrhoea will be painless but will be both offensive and explosive.  You might also find that rubbing your tummy / liver area will help you to feel better.

Veratum Alb. – this remedy can be taken when there is continuous violent vomiting and profuse diarrhoea.  You will feel extremely cold and weak and will feel very thirsty and will want to drink ice cold water.  You may feel like knives are cutting through your abdomen.  Cold sweat and very pale grey face.

After a severe bout of sickness and diarrhoea it is essential to keep as hydrated as possible because when your body is purging in this way it will lose essential vital fluids and the homeopathic remedy China can help this.

Remember when you experience violent sickness and diarrhoea in this way it is your body’s way of purging and removing any toxins from your digestive system so it is best not to interfere too soon and to allow your body to work its magic.

For those of you that have done my course and are in my FB group Tracey Campbell Homeopathy Learning  I will add more remedies in the file section so you will have access at your fingertips for when you may need it in the future.