Respiratory Syncytial Virus “RSV”

Respiratory Syncytial Virus “RSV” has been hitting the headlines recently especially amongst infants.  It is a common virus that usually causes mild, cold like symptoms and most people usually recover in a week or two but it can be serious for infants and the elderly.  The main symptom is a nasty cough, it can sound like croup and in some cases may lead to bronchiolitis or pneumonia.

Homeopathic Remedies to help with RSV

Homeopathic Remedies to help with RSV

The main symptoms are:-

  • Running Nose
  • Decrease in Appetite
  • Dry cough
  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing

If you have an infant keep a close eye on their symptoms and be observant. Symptoms that your infant may have are:-

  • Short and rapid breathing
  • Cough
  • Poor appetite
  • Showing signs of irritability and exhaustion

Below I have listed some homeopathic remedies that can help.  Unlike conventional medication it is individualised so choose the remedy that fits you or your child’s symptoms the best.   NB:  If in any doubt always see your GP or go to A&E. 

Ant Tart– there will be rattling mucus in the chest which may be heard when breathing and coughing.  Great difficulty to bring up mucous and they may gag.   Can be difficult or impossible to bring up the mucus and they may need to sit up.

Arsenicum – asthmatic wheezy sounding cough, airways constricted and cannot breathe fully. They may also have a runny nose and feel anxious, exhausted and lethargic.  They will be very sensitive to cold and will want little sips of water.

Bryonia – The cough will be deep, dry and painful and they may sit up in bed and hold their chest when coughing.  They will want to lie still and will be irritable.  Symptoms will be worse at night and they will be thirsty.

Hep Sulph – chesty cough which may have a croupy barking sound. With younger kids they may swallow any mucus or phlegm, but nasal mucus and phlegm is thick and yellow. Worse for cold air or cold draughts, and they may be irritable.

Kali Bich– there will be stringy phlegm that is impossible to bring up. Worse cold and worse at 2-3am.

Phosphorus – tickling cough usually made worse by talking, eating or breathing and is hard to stop> It can be exhausting. In later stages the cough can be deep. It can be a good remedy in pneumonia, when the chest feels tight and constricted as if there is a great weight on it, and can be painful when coughing.

Spongia -dry, spasmodic barking cough. Classic croup sound they may wake during the night saying they can’t breathe.  This is a popular croup remedy.

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NB:  If in any doubt always seek the advice and help of your GP or go to A&E.