Sending Love & Healing thoughts to Manchester

Sending Love & Healing Thoughts to Manchester

I have family in Manchester and yesterday as news about the attacks unfolded my immediate thoughts went to my nephews and niece. They are all of an age where they can attend concerts.  I called and discovered that they were safe and well so I was hugely relieved.  My thoughts then turned to friends and family and of all the innocent victims and those that were caught up in the attack.

I was in complete and utter shock, especially because there were young innocent children involved and last night watching the news I saw the complete terror and panic that everyone went through. There are no words that will help console the parents who lost children or anyone that lost loved ones in this attack.

Last night, I watched two very brave young girls give an interview about how they had saved up for years to go and see their favourite female artist perform. They seemed okay on the outside but they were clearly shaken and it will take a lot to get over something of this magnitude. My heart goes out to them and everyone who was involved in the attack.

Both adults and young children will relive the moments of panic they experienced on Monday night. For some it will have a devastating impact on their lives. There are no words to say to anyone that has been involved in a tragedy like this.

My heart goes out to everyone and deep felt sympathies. I wish I had been there with handfuls of Arnica to hand out to all those affected. This is the number one remedy to take when someone is in complete and utter shock. Fortunately this is remedy is easily available from Boots and all good pharmacies.   I would urge anyone who was caught up in Monday’s devastation to go and buy some and give to loved ones and children. It won’t take away the hurt and devastation but it will certainly help with the shock and loss that people will be feeling. Ignatia is another good remedy especially for grief.

There are other shock and grief remedies to think of that will also help to overcome anxieties and fears that will result from this atrocious attack on innocent lives but I will leave those for another post. I just wanted this post to be about sending love, condolences and sympathy to all who were caught up in the attack.

My heart, healing thoughts and prayers go out to each and every person that has been affected and we all stand united with you.