Separation Anxiety in Young Children

Separation Anxiety in young children

A couple recently brought their young daughter to see me because she had become increasingly clingy and was showing signs of separation anxiety. She was also not sleeping as well as she had before and her sleeping pattern was now disturbed, which in turn was having an affect on the whole family.

I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla and the little girl is now showing signs of improvement. Rather interestingly, the parents were very sceptical about homeopathy but they were at the end of their tether so were willing to try anything.

It is quite common for young children to go through a short period where they can become more clingy than usual and they might not want to let their parents out of their sight for too long. They start to refuse to go places such as nursery or school even if they have gone quite happily in the past.

This clingyness/separation anxiety can happen and occur at any age for what might appear like no apparent reason. The child can suddenly refuse to sleep alone, might develop a fear of the dark or start waking in the night when they had previously slept through. They can also have nightmares and night terrors.

Other emotions that a young child experiencing separation anxiety could show are fear, sadness and even anger. All of which can be extremely worrying for parents or carers of a young child, especially if it continues for more than a few weeks and is a change of behaviour.

On a physical level signs that a child might be experiencing separation anxiety is they may develop a stomach ache or sickness when their parents/carers have to go out, or on a Sunday night or Monday morning.

When a parent brings their child to see me because they are worried about their child having separation anxiety or there has been a change in their sleep patterns, we sit down together and look at anything that may have triggered this change.   Sometimes it could be something glaringly obvious such as the arrival of a new baby brother or sister, they could have moved house recently or even the death of a beloved relative or pet.

Other times there may not be an obvious cause but because the homeopathic case taking is so detailed I am able to select a homeopathic remedy that is suited to that individual child and their symptoms. I also ask about the birth and pregnancy because this can in some cases also be relevant, especially in young babies and toddlers.

If you are concerned about your child and any changes in their behaviour or sleeping patterns and would like to have a chat about how homeopathy can help please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.