Stomach Bugs – diarrhoea, sickness and vomiting

Stomach Bugs

It’s the time of year when coughs, colds and flu are more prevalent but this year there’s been a nasty stomach bug that has been doing the rounds.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can help ease the pain and discomfort caused by stomach bugs and viruses such as Norovirus.  I’ve selected 6 homeopathic remedies that you may find helpful should your family get the bug.

If you aren’t familiar with homeopathic remedies it can be difficult to choose a remedy but I suggest you choose a remedy that has the most symptoms, it isn’t necessary to have them all.

– lot of cramping felt in the bowels with nausea
– lots of gurgling and rumbling with gas before passing a stool
– lots of spluttering and wind when going to the toilet
– may have a jelly like consistency
– bowels may feel loose and accidents might happen when passing wind.

 – nausea and vomiting especially from food poisoning
– lots of weakness especially after diarrhoea
– lots of anxiety and restlessness
– thirst but only for small sips of water
– will feel cold and better for warm drinks and warmth
– will feel worse after midnight to 2am

– vomiting with undigested foods
– loose stool with undigested food
– bloated and feels very gassy
– this is also a good remedy for dehydradtion

– feels sick with nausea and vomiting but doesn’t feel better after being sick
– diarrhoea
– pains in the abdomen
– lots of gas and may also have a cough
– nothing helps them to feel better
– feels worse when they smell or think of food

Nux Vom
– want to vomit but find it difficult
– painful with cramps
– feels better lying down.
– feels very irritable
– sensitive to light, noise and odours
– feels better drinking warm drinks

– doubling over with painful stomach cramps
– painless watery diarrhoea it can be offensive and may be yellow
– explosive and involuntary stool
– worse 4-5am
– feels week after passing stool

Remember to keep as hydrated as possible by keeping up your fluid intake. Peppermint tea also helps to settle the tummy.

If you are interested in homeopathy for common ailments such as flu’s, coughs, fevers etc and would like to find out more to help your family join my on-line course and support group.  You can find out more here.