The drugs aren’t working- Anti-biotic resistance

Anti-Biotic Resistance

Anti-Biotic Resistance

This week has been Anti-Biotic Awareness Week.   A campaign launched by WHO to raise awareness of anti-biotic resistance.

So why do we even have this problem. In the past GPs routinely prescribed anti-biotics and as a result bugs and bacteria have become resistant to them.

BUT that isn’t the only problem. Did you know that without effective antibiotics, routine treatments such as setting broken bones, basic operations, chemotherapy and even animal health will become increasingly more dangerous. This is because these treatments rely on antibiotics that work.

So what are the options?

The main aim would be to keep ourselves healthy and well, imagine not having constant infections and recurring coughs and colds. Healthy and clean eating along with regular exercise will help but seeing a homeopath can also help and anyone that has used homeopathic medicine throughout their life will know how effective it is. I haven’t touched an anti-biotic for over 20 years. I believe this is because I have been treated homeopathically and my immune system is so much stronger and is able to kick out viruses and infections when they occur.

That’s not to say I won’t take an anti-biotic if needed for an operation in the future but I want to know the antibiotics used will be effective.

People usually visit a homeopath as a last resort and when they have tried everything else. If only they knew the long-term benefits. You really don’t have to be sick to have homeopathic treatment this is because we also treat constitutionally.   Visiting a homeopath for constitutional treatment to take general care of your health has many other benefits:- less visits to the GP, less time taken off work and less money spent on prescription and over the counter medicines.

A good example of constitutional prescribing is the treatment I offer for hay fever. It is always better for me to see someone during the winter when the person is symptom free so when the spring/summer arrives and their symptoms usually appear they find they have been greatly reduced and in some cases they disappear. Please visit my testimonial page to find out more.

If you would like to find out more on how homeopathy can help keep you and/or your family in good health please contact me for a no obligation chat.

To coincide with  Anti-Biotic Awareness Week this video has been published – it really is a wake up call.