The Homeopath Diaries – asthma, rashes, morning sickness

The Homeopathic Diaries - asthma, morning sickness, rashes

The Homeopathic Diaries – asthma, morning sickness, rashes

Asthma, Rashes, Morning Sickness
In March a well respected homeopath asked whether I would cover for her while she went on holiday in July.

I felt flattered that she had asked me but my initial thoughts were “how could I possibly cover for her”.  She deals with really complicated cases and she’s brilliant.  When we are asked to deal with things out of our comfort zone it is natural for self-doubt to creep in. It’s one thing dealing with my own patients when I have all their history and notes to hand, but to try and jump in and look after someone else’s was another thing altogether.

I then realized I was just as capable, after all she wouldn’t have asked me.  We both have high standards, are both classically trained and we are very thorough with our case taking and prescribing.  So the obvious answer was yes.

As her holiday approached, self doubts began to creep in – yes we all get them.  Would her patients like me, what if I made a mistake but there was no time for any of that because if I say I am going to do something I will do it and now was not the time to let anyone down. We had a handover call via Skype to run through some things and off she went for her well deserved holiday.

Everyday I checked my messages in between my own appointments and secretly hoped no one would contact me but because she helps many adults and children all over the world with ASD, ADHD, PANDAS & PANS and does regular homeopathic detoxes I knew someone would be in contact.

I think my main worry was that people wouldn’t want to deal with me or would compare me. These thoughts were soon pushed to the back of my mind because as soon as someone contacted me I went into “homeopathic mode” drawing on my knowledge and experience over the last 16 years.

So how did it go?  Here a few of the things I dealt with.

Small Boy with a Nasty Rash with Blisters
There was a little boy that had a nasty rash and blisters that had come up around his foot and his Mother was worried especially as they had a family funeral to go to later in the week. I prescribed Rhus Tox. I followed up with the next day to see how he was – his skin had improved. The Mother contacted me a few days later to ask about a remedy for another child who was picking up on her emotions due to the funeral. I had already suggested Ignatia for the grief and that “lump in the throat” feeling which she had taken but I suggested Pulsatilla for her young child.

Boy becoming impatient & possibly reacting to a remedy
Another Mother contacted me because she felt her young son was reacting to a homeopathic remedy and she felt he had regressed a little bit with his behaviour. I suggested a remedy to antidote and calm the reaction. The next day a very happy Mum sent me a beautiful photo of her son sitting quietly at the swimming pool waiting his turn instead of running around or trying to jump in before it was his turn.

I helped a lady who was struggling with her asthma.

Stiff Wrists & Hands
Another lady had woken up with stiff wrists and hands. Rhus Tox to the rescue once again.

Morning Sickness
An expectant Mum asked about remedies for morning sickness. I sent a list through so the patient could decide which remedies fitted her the best.

There were other things such as :-

  • a daughter swallowing a bottle of remedies in one go.
  • another person contacted me to see if she needed to order new remedies because ants had got into her remedies.

I received some lovely comments and feedback from the people I helped.   I was so glad I didn’t listen to my self-doubts. It was excellent experience for me and to also help a fellow and much respected homeopath.   We do this job because we have a passion for helping  and we see some incredible results using homeopathy.

When someone sees myself or another homeopath we don’t just say “here are you remedies” and send you on your way. We carefully work with you and encourage you to note any changes until your next follow up appointment. Equally if you need to talk to us in between appointments we will always get back to you as soon as possible and that is why she arranged for cover while she took a break.

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