The long-term effects of bullying

The long-term effects of bullying – loneliness is one of them.

After reading some posts from parents regarding bullying I felt compelled to write about the long-term effects of bullying if it is not dealt with.  Fortunately, there is much more being done about bullying and it is now taken more seriously with many schools adopting a zero tolerance towards bullying.

Research has shown that children, especially ones in their teens who have been bullied, can go on to experience negative effects long into their adult life such as sadness, loneliness, depression, social anxiety and possible withdrawal. This can in a few cases even affect future job prospects due to time missed at school or lack of concentration.

If you suspect your child might be being bullied you should take appropriate action as soon as possible. Some of the signs to look out for are:-

  • bruising
  • coming home without certain items
  • not wanting to go to school or wanting to go a different way
  • bed wetting
  • sleep problems
  • stomach aches or headaches
  • eating disorders
  • anger issues with mood swings which are out of character.

If bullying has been identified, it is important to have support networks in place to help your child to feel safe and to help to heal their self-esteem and identity. They will need encouragement and help to learn that they are acceptable and they really do have something to offer people.

As a homeopath I help both adults and children experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression both on an emotional and physical level and if you would like to find out more how I may be able to help support anything that you and your family may be going through please feel free to contact me.