The magic of homeopathy & another happy customer

Feeling happy again.

I received a lovely testimonial yesterday and I have included this below.

Some of my patients ask me about my “magic pills” and whether I can help them with a certain problem. I will always answer yes because with homeopathy I treat the totality of symptoms and the person holistically. There really is no magic involved. It is my patients’ bodies responding to the chosen remedy, gently nudging it back into balance and good health. They might think it’s magic because of the transformation they go through but there really is a lot of science and philosophy behind the prescribing which took me four years to learn and as a homeopath I am continually learning and expanding my knowledge.   Below is the testimonial.

“I visited Tracey after experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. I was constantly crying and experienced a couple of panic attacks. Having gone through a breakdown before, I was worried I was going in the same direction but didn’t want to go back to using anti-depressants as they tend to mask the problem and the side effects can be unpleasant. I was slightly skeptical but desperate to feel more myself again. Tracey spent a long time during the consultation and was very easy to open up to and discuss matters. Within a day or two of taking the prescribed remedy (just 3 pillules) I was feeling like I was coping better. Since then I have had a follow up with the same remedy prescribed. Colleagues at work have noticed I’m much more confident at work and I had a comment recently asking if I’d done something different as I looked amazing. I feel emotionally and physically so much better and am even sleeping better. Thank you Tracey”

If you have been thinking about homeopathy for a symptom you may have or a chronic illness please feel free to contact me for a free no obligation chat. You can even book a free 15 minute consultation here if you wish.