The Traditional Bedtime Story & Sleep

The Traditional Bedtime Story & sleep

The Traditional Bedtime Story & sleep

Today is World Book Day so to coincide with this celebration of books and reading I thought I would write about the traditional bedtime story and how it helps children fall into a beautiful slumber.

In my practice I see many children of all ages who experience sleep difficulties. Some may have difficulty falling asleep others have problems staying asleep, some may experience night terrors and others will seek out their parents either downstairs or in their bed during the night.

Bedtime Routine
Most parents who bring their children to see me for sleeping difficulties know the importance of a good bedtime routine but some children still struggle with their sleep patterns, particularly the older children who may be allowed to use screens for a short time before “lights out”.

Use of Screens
As technology has moved forward the traditional bedtime story with a book isn’t as popular as it used to be and some prefer to use tablets. The trouble with tablets and screens is they produce a bright/blue light which is known to increase alertness and children (and adults) become less sleepy.

Over time, it has been shown that regular use can also disrupt the daily rhythms of our body and gradually suppresses the release of melatonin. Melatonin regulates sleep and wakefulness.   Chronic suppression of melatonin has also been associated with increased risk of certain cancers.

Reading a Bedtime story
The beauty of reading a child a bedtime story is they will snuggle into you, they feel loved, safe and secure which is perfect and hopefully they will go into a peaceful and deep sleep.  I can still remember bedtime stories with my parents – more years ago than I care to remember but it was a very special time of the day for me and that memory has stayed with me all this time.

Obviously this tactic doesn’t work with older children but screen time should be limited especially before bedtime. If children are playing games or even texting with their phone it will take them much longer to “wind down/switch off” and to get a restful night’s sleep.

A bed time story isn’t always the answer and many children just aren’t great sleepers or they get into a habit of waking up and creeping into their parents room or they wake shortly after falling asleep.

If this is happening in your house and you are worried about your child and their sleep patterns please feel free to contact me for a free no obligation chat and to see how I can help them with homeopathy.

I find that children are incredibly responsive to homeopathic treatment.