These words are music to my ears.

I had a strong feeling of structure and I felt calm

“The very next day, after the remedy, I felt integrated and felt like everything slotted into place. I had a strong feeling of structure and I felt calm”.

These are the words from a lady I have been helping for the past few months. She came to see me following anxiety and PTSD following an accident. She felt better after the first two appointments with me, however once she realized how homeopathy worked on both the physical and emotional levels she decided to continue to see me to address some other issues that she had been having. It has been wonderful to watch her progress.

When people visit me I find people usually fall into three categories:-

  • some people have a one off problem and just want the symptom and once it has been fixed they will be on their way;
  • others discover how homeopathy can them on many levels and choose to continue with further treatment especially with ailments that they have lived with for a long time; and
  • others like to see me 4-6 times a year as part of a wellness package

If you or a member of your family has been living with a condition and you would like to see how homeopathy could help please contact me for a free 15 minute chat. You might just be surprised to discover how homeopathy can help on so many different levels.

I will shortly be offering wellness packages so please watch this space or send me an e-mail to find out more.