Too scared to have another baby after a traumatic birth

post traumatic stress after childbirth

Post traumatic stress after childbirth

Post traumatic stress after childbirth was in the news again today. It was reported that 1 in 25 Mums develop post-traumatic stress after childbirth.

I believe this figure is probably much higher than reported.   Why do I think this?

I regularly see Mums and their children in my practice and part of my consultation involves me asking them about their pregnancies and births.

Some things that might result in anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder “PTSD” following pregnancy are:-

  • A long and painful labour resulting in an emergency caesarian section
  • Ventouse or forceps delivery
  • Their baby is whisked off to special care
  • Hemorrhaging

Recovering from a traumatic birth can take time, and for some, who don’t receive the right kind of help they may decide not to have any more children,  post natal depression may also set in and heir relationship may suffer. 

I offer help and support to Mums who are feeling this way or who are worried and anxious after giving birth.  

I also help children who arrived into this world through a stressful birth.  I can also clear any labour drugs that may have been given during pregnancy or labour.  I sometimes notice that children who went through a difficult birth may have anxieties.  

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