Too Scared to Leave Home

I’ve got my little boy back.

*names and some details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.
A Mum contacted me recently to help with her son, Joseph who was getting very bad stomach pains.  She noticed that this happened whenever he ate fish which he had previously eaten without any problems.  She now wondered if he had developed an allergy to fish.

During the consultation I noticed that Joseph was very clingy towards his Mum.  I should add that I have treated his sister in the past so I have met him before and whilst he is shy he never appeared this clingy.   The consultation was done via video so he was at home but he chose to stay close and cuddled up to his Mum.

She told me that he had always preferred to be at home but since lockdown he would follow her everywhere in the house.  He was now reluctant to even go out anywhere at all and wouldn’t talk to anybody.  For his first prescription I gave him two different remedies, Pulsatilla was one of them.

His Mum booked Joseph in for a follow up appointment 5 weeks later.  She told me he was less clingy and she could now move around the house without him following her but he still wasn’t keen to go out.  I asked about his tummy pains but she hadn’t yet tried him with fish.

She was concerned about his reluctance to leave home.  She told me that they had been out recently and he became very frightened, screaming uncontrollably saying he wanted to go home.  When she calmed him down she asked him what was wrong.  She told me that for the first time he was able to articulate how he was feeling.   He told her that he was scared of getting lost.

She told me that a few months previously he had briefly become separated from them while they were all playing on the beach with some friends.  He told her he was scared of losing them again.

His Mum told me that he had also developed a fear of people, especially those wearing masks.  During this latest melt down a lady had waved at him and he began to cry hysterically.

I gave him the same remedies before but used a different potency.

I recently touched base with his Mum to see how he was doing. This is what she told me

“I gave him the remedies.  The following day he spoke independently to a stranger whilst out.  He has been so much better.  Much happier, laughing lots and talking to others.  There has been a big difference in him and he seems much more confident.  He can still be clingy and moany at times but not as much as before.  He has also eaten some fish with no adverse affects at all.  Completely unbelievable.  He has gone from a little boy who was scared to leave home to someone who is much happier.  I feel like the old Joseph (pre-lockdown) is coming back. Thank you Tracey.”

How can homeopathy do all this you might be asking?  It is because homeopathy treats the person and NOT the symptom.  It helps get things balanced not only on a physical level but an emotional level too in a very gentle way.

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