Top 3 Children’s Ailments: Anxiety, Asthma and Sleep

Top 3 Children’s ailments that I see are Anxiety, Asthma & Sleep Difficulties

The Top 3 conditions that I see in my practice on a weekly basis are:-

– Anxiety
– Asthma
– Sleep

Anxiety – More than ever before I am seeing many children with varying levels of anxiety.  Anxieties can manifest in different ways e.g. sleep difficulties, social and separation anxiety. I have also seen some children’s asthma get worse at times when they are worried about a forthcoming event such as the return of school or exams.

Asthma – a week doesn’t go by when I don’t see a child that has been diagnosed with “asthma” and given an inhaler. This usually happens after anti-biotics have failed when the child has had an ongoing cough.

Sleep – Many younger children experience sleep difficulties.   This is quite normal for very young children, they can be experiencing separation anxiety, fear of the dark, night terrors or bad coughs.

Children respond beautifully to homeopathic treatment and parents who are trying homeopathy for the first time are always amazed at the results and how it helps on so many different levels.

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