Top 5 Homeopathic Hay Fever Remedies

As soon as spring comes or the pollen count is high like today I am asked what remedies will help people with hay fever. I have listed below the Top 5 Remedies that should help alleviate symptoms.

If the symptoms also include asthma, skin complaints such as rashes or eczema then this means the body is in overdrive and is producing too many histamines. Please visit my testimonial page to see how I’ve helped people with hay fever, asthma etc.

There are many hay fever remedies that can be used but I list below the main ones and if you match your symptoms to the remedy that is the one you should take.

Allium Cepa – people needing this remedy will have a streaming nose and a burning discharge with watery and stinging eyes and bland secretions. There may also be bouts of violent sneezing and a tickly cough.

Arundo – People usually say they feel like their palate is itching together with their eyes and nose. They will experience lots of sneezing and will have a runny nose and may also loose their sense of smell.

Euphrasia – this remedy should be used if your hay fever causes you problems with your eyes, they will be constantly streaming, tears and discharge may be burning.

Sabadillo – There is frequent sneezing and with a tickling feeling in the nose. One nostril might be blocked and the other might be streaming.   Eyes may also be watering.

Wyethia – Sinuses may feel blocked with a feeling of constant itching on the roof of the mouth and back of the nose.

When I help people with hay fever I treat the whole person and take into account other symptoms that they may have, for example, heat rashes, asthma, food intolerances etc because hay fever is an allergic disorder and means our immune system is overproducing histamines in our body.

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Helpful tips:-
– source and use local honey
– keep windows shut when inside
– avoid drying clothes on the line as they will bring pollen into your house