Treating Insect Bites & Stings with Homeopathy

Treating insect bites & stings with homeopathy

A few months ago I made a short video about treating bites and stings naturally with homeopathic remedies and they are listed below.

Apis – this is for bites and stings that are burning, red and very swollen

Ledum – excellent remedy for all bites especially when the insect has made a puncture wound and there is intense itching. The area is usually cold to touch but feels better when cold is applied. If you are in a tick infested area I normally recommend taking this for 5 days after being bitten.

Cantharis – Infected area is burning, red, and may even be blistered. This is also a great sunburn remedy.

Hypericum – this remedy is very effective for nerve rich areas of the body, especially where there are shooting pains, numbness or tingling after being bitten.

Calendular Cream or Hypercal Cream – apply to help calm and sooth any irritation.

I always have these remedies to hand, particularly during holidays and during the summer months. If you have any allergies to bites or stings and would like to find out how homeopathy can help please feel free to contact me.  I offer a free 20 minute consultation.

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