Treating the skin with homeopathy – A Testimonial

After Homeopathic Treatment

Before Homeopathic Treatment



As a homeopath it is my job to encourage symptoms to leave the body, and this is usually through the skin and discharges (i.e colds, etc).  The philosophy which is over 200 years old works on the basis of removing symptoms from inside to outside, from top to bottom and away from internal organs.

So when I am asked to treat skin conditions I always let people know that I do not suppress symptoms, as is the case with the use of creams and steroid creams which push skin conditions further into the body and suppresses them.  It is no surprise that there is a link between eczema and asthma.  By not suppressing symptoms and bringing out the disturbance it can sometimes mean that the skin can get worse before it gets better and I explain this to anyone that wants me to treat their skin condition.

The following is a testimonial from someone I recently treated for a skin condition.

“Having previously consulted with Tracey for a different condition (mildly asthmatic symptoms) I approached her at the end of December 2016 to discuss whether homeopathy might be able to help with another problem I’d been suffering with for well over 2 years. Several visits to the doctor and consultation with different GPs had failed to diagnose and treat a skin rash that had started around my nose but had begun to spread further.

I’d had diagnoses of seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea and tried a variety of creams without success; in fact, the cream I’d been prescribed several months previously seemed to have caused the condition to deteriorate.   Following a consultation with Tracey she told me she believed she could treat it but also warned that the condition could become worse before it improved. She explained that the creams I’d been using simply suppressed the symptoms and that to treat the condition effectively it would have to be flushed out of my system.

I started taking the remedy on New Year’s Day and immediately stopped using any prescribed creams, determined to give Tracey’s homeopathic remedy a chance. That was particularly tough when, as I’d been advised, within 2 weeks it worsened and became very inflamed and itchy. However, the results speak for themselves. Within 2 months my skin was clear of the redness, inflammation and spots and has remained so since. I’m now a complete convert to homeopathy and would recommend Tracey without reservation!”

I really like it when a patient gets on board with their treatment and accepts there might be an initial reaction before it can get better.  If you would like to find out more about how I may be able to help you using homeopathy please contact me for a free no obligation 15 minute call.