Tummy Aches in Children & Homeopathy

All Smiles Again. A Tummy Ache made better with Homeopathy.

(for privacy reasons the names have been changed) 

This is the story of a little girl called Lucy who was brought to see me by her worried Mum. For the last few months Lucy had been getting painful tummy aches and they were starting to interfere with her school work and she was feeling very miserable which wasn’t like her.   She would sometimes have to take Gaviscon and Neurofen.

Her Mum had taken Lucy to the Dr’s but after carrying out various tests they could not find anything wrong with her so she decided to look at homeopathy and visited me.

As with all new cases I take a thorough case history and talk to the children and ask them to describe, in their own words, the pain that they are feeling. I ask them lots of questions but I make the questions fun. This helps them to relax and open up. In no time at all, I soon discovered that Lucy loved animals but sometimes she would get a little bit anxious at school which she enjoyed and she worried about things. She told me that she sometimes had nightmares and she was scared of monsters and ghosts. She liked to be covered up and kept warm at night when she slept. There had also been a change in circumstances at home around the same time as Lucy’s tummy aches started but she said she wasn’t unhappy about the changes but I still take this into consideration.

After analyzing Lucy’s physical symptoms and emotional symptoms I prescribed her with Phosphorus. I then asked her Mum to keep a diary of any changes or improvements and to return in 4 weeks for a follow up appointment where we would assess the remedy action.

Lucy returned with her Mum 4 weeks later. She was smiling and very happy. She told me that shortly after taking the remedy the pains had reduced and by two weeks they had completely disappeared.   She also reported that she was no longer having bad dreams and was sleeping better.

This is a classic example of how well children respond to homeopathy and I am seeing more and more young children in my consulting room who are experiencing problems with their tummy, sleep or headaches. It seems that children today are under far more pressure than ever before and it can manifest in a physical symptom.

If you are worried about any symptoms your child might be having either on a physical or emotional level please feel free to contact me for free 15 minute confidential and no obligation chat to see how I may be able to help you or them with homeopathy.