Tummy pains and ongoing health problems all cleared up

Karen contacted me about her son’s tummy pains and ongoing health problems.   George also experienced night terrors and had a dry flaky scalp, constipation and tummy pains.  His skin also made him feel very self-conscious.  The main reason she had come to me was for George’s skin and night terrors but because homeopathy helps on all levels the results can be outstanding. 

Homeopathy helped my son's tummy pains. He is now medication free.

Homeopathy helped my son’s tummy pains. He is now medication free.

During our initial call I pointed out that when there is a problem with the skin there is usually a problem with the digestive system.  At this point Karen told me that George had lived with tummy pains and constipation since he was young baby.

During the first consultation I discovered that George had been on medication (Movicol) for constipation for almost most of his young life with many visits to hospital.

I saw George for a total of 7 consultations over a year. After the first consultation there was an improvement to his skin and his night terrors had reduced significantly.  Gradually over the coming months as his symptoms improved and we were able to gradually reduce his medication.  He is now medication free.

During his treatment George’s bowel movements became more frequent and his tummy symptoms improved significantly.  Interestingly the side effects of Movicol are some of the symptoms that George was presenting with such as indigestion, stomach ache, rumbling tummy and mild diarrhoea.

Karen recently sent a message to me to say that after 7 years George has now been signed off from his paediatrician.  

“Your help has been amazing and sorted so many ongoing problems which he’d had to deal with for the past 7 years.  It’s so good to have my comfortable, happy child!  Oh and last week I spoke to his paediatrician who we have seen for years due to his ongoing tummy issues and we were finally signed off!!! All thanks to you.  I made sure they knew that it was all down to homeopathy”.

Karen was totally committed to George’s treatment and had regular sessions with me and as you can see from her feedback it has been worth it.   Over time we were able to peel back the layers of health so George had true and lasting healing and the best part is he is now medication free.

Homeopathy isn’t a quick fix and doesn’t work overnight but it is gentle, non-toxic and once balance and health have been restored there is no longer a need to continue taking the remedies unlike conventional medicine. This is why homeopathy is a favourite with so many families.
*names and some details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

If you are experiencing similar problems with your child or with a member of your family please contact me.  

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