Two Little Girls and how homeopathy helped them

Two Little Girls and how Homeopathy Helped Them

Two Little Girls and how Homeopathy Helped Them

I’ve recently been helping two lovely little sisters, one aged 5 and one aged 3. Both came to me with problems with sleep but their symptoms were both very different.

Eloise* wakes shortly after being put to bed and although being the older sister is the shy one. Claire* is younger and the more confident and bolder one, and as well as waking and insisting on coming into her parents room each night, has also developed anxieties when she has to go to pre-school.

As we can see from the two sisters above we are all very different and this is why homeopathy works so well because it is especially matched to each person.

I chose two different remedies to give to each of the sisters because although their overall problem was sleep difficulties they are both very different and each manifested their symptoms very differently.

I am pleased to say that their Mum has reported back to me that improvements have already been made.   Other family members and friends have also noticed a change in Eloise who has become a little less shy.

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*For privacy reasons names have been changed.