Why do people try homeopathy?

Feeling better with homeopathy

“You were my last resort” – These are words I often here from people that come to see me.  They have usually exhausted all conventional avenues and are at the end of their tether so they start to explore other alternatives.  Sadly, many people haven’t even heard of homeopathy. This is such a shame because it really can help especially with chronic illnesses or recurring problems.

Another reason people decide to come to see me are because they don’t want to take unnecessary medication or they might know they aren’t feeling well but their GPs have been unable to find anything wrong with them, as is usually the case with ME, CFS, Glandular Fever or chronic tummy upsets (which seems to be an increasing problem in young children).

GPs may even carry out tests and still can’t find anything wrong which can prove frustrating for the person who isn’t feeling well. For example, a young teenager recently came to see me with his Mum. He was experiencing constant tummy pains made worse when exercising. He had undergone tests and scans but the GP said there was nothing wrong with him. The fact remained however that the young teenager still experienced excruciating pain so clearly something wasn’t quite right. Imagine feeling this way but being told there is nothing wrong with you.

You may have heard me mention that the gut is considered to be our second brain so if we are perhaps worried or anxious about something symptoms can manifest in our stomachs.

The beauty of homeopathy is because it is holistic and it treats the whole person it takes all symptoms into consideration, both on a physical and emotional level. With the case of this young teenager, I spent 1.5 hours talking to him, finding out about him, what makes him tick, his likes, his dislikes. This enabled me to take into account all of his symptoms and prescribe a constitutional remedy that I felt was suited to him.   I am pleased to say that after three months of treatment he is no longer experiencing the constant tummy pain. Sadly, he reduced his exercise but I am hopeful he will return to exercise and his tummy pains will stay away.

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