Why does my child keep getting earache?

Homeopathy & Ear Infections

I am asked on a regular basis about whether there are any homeopathic remedies that can be used for earache and infections (Otis Media).   So I thought it might be helpful to put together a chart of the most common remedies that you can try for acute earache and ear infections.

If however your child keeps getting repeated earache and has a history of taking anti-biotics we need to look at why this is. If you are worried please contact me for a free no obligation chat to discuss how we can get to the root cause and hopefully avoid taking anti-biotics in the future which are proving to be less effective.

AconiteThe keynote with this remedy is sudden onset, particularly after being out in the cold. The child will also be very fearful and will be very thirsty for cold drinks.
BelladonnaAgain the symptoms will come on very quickly. High temperature, red and throbbing and intensely painful.
ChamomillaThe pain will be excrutiating and the child maybe very bad tempered and very irritable. Will also pull on the ear.
Ferrum PhosThe pain will come on gradually and can also be linked to sore throats.   A good remedy to use in the early stages.
Hepar SulphSharp pain with discharge. Throbbing and decreased hearing.
MercuriusPains may extend to throat and mouth. Swollen Glands and offensive breath. The child can be sweaty and thirsty. Itchy ears, boils. Yellow nasal discharge which can also bleed.
PulsatillaPains will be changeable. Child will be clingy and weepy and will want to be held or comforted. Can come on after getting cold. They will feel worse in warm stuffy rooms.

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