Why menopause is just the beginning

*(names changed for confidentiality reasons).

Menopause is just the beginning

Menopause is just the beginning

Karen came to me because she was finding it really hard to cope and felt out of control.   She was a successful business owner and was used to being in control of every aspect of her life until the appearance of peri-menopause symptoms.

She told me she was dreading getting old and hated how her body was changing.  She wanted to take HRT but due to her family history had been advised against it.  She wasn’t happy about this because she felt that would be the answer to all her problems and she could just carry on as normal.

She felt constantly tired and was gaining weight despite increasing her exercise.  “and to top it all I’m now having night sweats which means I’m feeling permanently tired, I’m angry and irritable with my husband, daughter and staff”.  This was causing her a great deal of stress.

The main emotion felt by Karen was anger especially as she had no control over the changes her body was going through.  She felt the menopause was “the end of the road”.

Karen came to me for help with her symptoms and was happy to work with me and was willing to make lifestyle changes.   In just three months she is feeling much happier and realises menopause is a time for change and a new beginning.  She has come to terms with it and has decided to make the change a positive one.

I prescribed her remedies to help with hormonal changes.  I gave her a weekly homeopathic remedy addressing her symptoms and her feelings of anger and irritability.  I also gave her a homeobotanical blend which she is currently taking daily.

The first thing she noticed was she began to feel calmer and more accepting of her situation.  Her sleep improved resulting in more energy.  She has also lost 3 kilos which she says is the icing on the cake.

Karen continues to work with me because she has seen such a vast improvement and wishes she had known about homeopathy many years earlier.

Menopause is a time of great change and depending on how you view the menopause will also have an impact on how you will experience it.  In Karen’s case she felt negative about everything that was happening to her body and she tried to fight it.

The important thing to remember is the menopause is NOT a medical condition.  It is a natural transition to the next stage of your life, some say it’s the best time.  Your body is clever and knows what to do if you allow it.

There are many factors that influence how you will experience the menopause, including diet, stress levels, lifestyle, birth control and IVF hormones that you may have taken in the past and of course your outlook.  When you experience hot flushes, night sweats etc that is a sign that your hormones are out of balance and may need some help.  During menopause your hormone production alters but with correct lifestyle choices these symptoms can be reduced.

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