What is Homeopathy?

It is a natural form of medicine discovered over 200 years ago by a doctor called Samuel Hahnemann. It is a system which treats people holistically and individually. It doesn’t just treat the presenting symptom it looks at each person carefully. For example, I could see 5 people all with migraines and I would more than likely prescribe each person with a different remedy. Homeopathy is tailor made to you.

What can homeopathy help with?

Some of the conditions that I can help you with are shown below.
– Irregular cycles
– Period pain
– Peri-menopause
– Hot Flushes
– Pill detox
– Fertility
– Pregnancy and childbirth
– Migraine
– Fatigue
– Acne
– Allergies / Hay Fever


“After a friend recommended me Tracey, I called her and started my treatment with her for my menopause, hot flushes are gone and I feel so much better since the very beginning. She is lovely and the treatment worth every single penny.”

Marta Fochs

What will happen during the homeopathic consultation?

The first consultation usually takes up to 70 minutes. There will be plenty of time for you to tell me about your symptoms, when they started and how they affect your life, in a safe and confidential environment. I will also ask you lots of questions and will take a detailed history, not only your medical history but other details such as your sleep patterns.

I will then select a remedy for you and your unique symptoms.

Follow ups take up to 40 minutes.

How long will treatment last?

This varies from person to person and depends on your symptoms, how long you have had them and how you respond to the remedies. You should see an improvement in the first month or two with a steady improvement with regular follow ups. Most conditions usually require 2 to 6 follow ups appointments which are spaced out at between 4-8 weeks. More chronic conditions may take longer.

Can I take medication with homeopathy?

Yes, homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine and you should always continue with any medication unless directed by your Doctor.

Homeopathy is a system which treats people holistically and individually. It is tailor made to you.

What are Homeobotanicals?

Homeobotanical Therapy is a powerful, blend of organic herbs prepared homeopathically by a team of Homeopaths in New Zealand. They can complement homeopathic treatment in the following way:-

Organ Drainage – stimulates targeted organs and systems in order to effect elimination of toxins

Nutritional – assists in the assimilation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients

Dynamic Action – this happens from the homeopathic potentisation of the herbs and enables remedies to directly stimulate healing with the body.

They are taken daily to gently detoxify, energise, balance and calm. They are the perfect support for deeper acting homeopathic treatment and can be blended into a bespoke formula for each individual. They can only be prescribed with a consultation.

Each bottle lasts 6 weeks and costs £25.

Do you work with children?

Yes I work with many children and usually work with many members of the same family.

Before we start work together

If you would like to find out more I offer a free 20 minute chat which gives you the opportunity to talk to me before booking a homeopathic consultation. Please use the link below. 

Fees and booking


First Consultation: £120.00
Follow up: £75.00
Acutes: £45.00

Prices include remedies and postage.

Please note: consultations are on-line and you will be sent a Zoom link on booking your consultation.


Per bottle: £25.00

Plus £5 postage if outside of appointments


Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
Professional Complementary Practitioners

 I am a trained homeopath and not a medical Doctor. Please note that I do not make any kind of diagnosis in conventional medical terms, nor do I claim to cure any disease.  The information about homeopathy featured on this website is not a substitute for medical advice.