Words to be avoided to anyone suffering from depression

Words that should be avoided.

Words to be avoided to anyone suffering from depression

The worst words that anyone can say to someone suffering from depression are “Just snap out of it”.

Only people who have been through depression or who are still suffering will understand what it can feel like. It’s not so easy to “just snap out of it” and stop crying when you can’t see the point in anything, or to dress up or even get dressed and go out when you really don’t feel like it particularly when everyone else seems to be having a much better time and life than you.

The above is just a very brief description of how someone can feel when suffering from depression, people who see me often say things like “it’s hard to explain the loneliness and isolation” or “I just don’t want to wake up”.

Imagine, if you were feeling like this and your partner or a member of your family said “just snap out of it”. I have a feeling it would make you feel worse and perhaps even panicky, and this is where the downward spiral of depression can get worse. There then becomes a real pressure to put on a brave face and show that you are doing your best when all you really feel is like you are dying inside and no one is really listening to you. You then hide how you are feeling even more and everything becomes even more internalised.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings, thoughts and doubts then homeopathy may be able to help you. Using homeopathy I work with you to heal from within using a gentle, non-toxic, chemical free and safe form of medicine. The first consultation takes up to 1.5 hours where you are really listened to with no interruptions or any judgment from anyone in a safe and confidential environment.

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